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Letra Look At Me Now - Derek Minor

Letras de la Cancion Look At Me Now - Derek Minor Lyrics, Canta con las Letras de tus Canciones Cristianas Favoritas del 2023; Musica de Alabanza & Adoracion Gratis.

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Look At Me Now - Derek Minor Lyrics

I am not supposed be here
I was not invited, I am not supposed to eat here
Table with my enemies, snacking on a beat here
I can see through every last one of y'all, so be clear
I talk about God and how we kings and he live in us
But I keep it real, that's why the goons still feeling us
Be cool dog disrespect is not the way to deal with us
Cause I can put you in your place kinda like a realtor
Got some awards on me now, got some dough on me now
Like half time, I had some friends switch goals on me now
This session, teach you a lesson if you doze on me now
On how to depend on the Lord, cause he rose in me now
I see a generation, everybody wanna be famous
Want everybody to love you, y'all wanna be Raymond
Everybody hate truth, so you gone prolly hate this
But my foundation on a rock, so I'm ok with being Chris
This world evil, it manipulate people
Like wearing a suit of armor around magneto
RMG assembled this year like the avengers
You would swear I'm Stan Lee, how I help you see the vision
We ain't got a whole lot, just a few stones trying slay a giant
In a industry that say you gotta be Goliath
Said we'd be nothing, but they lying
See my faith is in what God say, i suggest you try it, it’s Minor
They said that I will never make it, look at me now
I would say that they’re mistaken, look at me now
I was born broke and naked, look at me now
I pray you see the Lord’s gracious, look at me now
Look here, the difference between me and you
Homie that is clear as day
You trying to make a mil, I'm trying to give one a way
You think you indestructible, I know they we made of clay
So I live life desperately, like I'm about to die today
Cause that may be my reality
In a time when black men are seeing more and more casualties
Whether bad cop or gang, I still see it a tragedy
And they upload the clips on the net, for the world to see
Just to get they click ups, they upload a beat down
Fear of being a victim make me wanna walk with heat now
But that's not the Lords will, he said advocate for peace now
Plus I'm already dead, go head and hashtag me now
This oppression is systemic, we don't see it tho
Slavery is still alive, prison is the vehicle
But we don't wanna talk about it
We just wanna share our Twitter thoughts about it
Grieve for that young man body that got chalk around it
Look me in my eyes, tell me what you see
When I look at you, I see somebody just like me
Made in the image of God, from the dust like me
Blew breath in your body from his lungs like me
See I'm trying to paint a picture with my words
That'll help you see possessions and they words are not your worth
You hearing me now , yeah you hearing now
Finally reflecting greatness boy look at you now
They said that I will never make it, look at me now
I would say that they’re mistaken, look at me now
I was born broke and naked, look at me now
I pray you see the Lord’s gracious, look at me now

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