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Letra Money On The Phone - Derek Minor

Letras de la Cancion Money On The Phone - Derek Minor Lyrics, Canta con las Letras de tus Canciones Cristianas Favoritas del 2023; Musica de Alabanza & Adoracion Gratis.

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Money On The Phone - Derek Minor Lyrics

I want this moment for a lifetime
I mean a lifetime
You give it all til nothing's left
And that's the right time
I been buildin' this foundation for a minute
You ain't gotta be optometrist for you to see my vision
I'm a voice for the voiceless
Like that D boy buildin' his kingdom, brick after brick
That's feelin' that God done lost him
And thinking he got no options
Don't know what that life will cost him
I swear that's some of my family y'all
And you know that I do this for y'all
So you see God the only reason I made it at all
I sit down and hear your heart, like a stethoscope
Then I get up on this mic and tell it for the world to know
Unless the Lord buildin' it, I can guarantee it's broke
That's why I be spittin with all this passion
When you hear my flow
Now I can tell you 'about my new home
Brand new car that's on chrome
But two years later that's old, everybody's moved on
Gone, I'm tryna make it count with this song
Yeah, with this song
I want this to last forever, ever, ever, ever
It's crazy how times change
Tryna redecorate my life
Switched the pictures in my mind frames
Went from hidin' to seekin', trying' to find faith
Now we speak with our feet and our hands
Call it sign lang
You age, we get older turn pages
Corners folded, tryna hold on to our place in this maze
See we gave, years of grown' fast pace it's clear to know
Want a direction we would go
And that's what we call His grace
And we're still here
No more letters in them bottles, message still clear
Lived our lives for a throttle, trna fail fair
Ever our foods flash Macdonald's, slow it down
Change up the pitch somethin' like vibrato
But eventually we find this
If you mention all the times
That you acted wild and mindless
Rewind it, that's simply just a line that
Minus sign, it change the sum of our lives
Man, this victor is timeless
I want this to last forever, ever, ever, ever
I wanna leave somethin' important on this Earth
Before I die
So many watches I done purchased
But I still ain't buyin' time
You see doubt is like a brain tumor
It torture those alive
So I'm askin' God
To please remove this evil from my mind, yeah
I wanna live without these chains on me
So much dirt, I wanna live without these stains on me
Lord I need Your grace on me
God I live to see Your face only
And by faith only
You know that I want this to last forever
I want this to last forever, ever, ever, ever

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