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Letra 1234 - Ivan B

Letras de la Cancion 1234 - Ivan B Lyrics, Canta con las Letras de tus Canciones Cristianas Favoritas del 2023; Musica de Alabanza & Adoracion Gratis.

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1234 - Ivan B Lyrics

This is for the ones too scared to do it
This is for the ones too scared to try
This is the moment I told 'em was coming
My hoodies on, looking up to the sky
I knew this would happen, remind me again what you thought I'd be
Keep your apologies, step on a stage, I don't see any fans, all I see is a crowd I call family
The more I find myself, the more I find myself being alone
The diamonds you got doesn't give you a throne, one day we all got our name on a stone
Put all my pain in a song, 'bout to go off to get on
Pull up a show then I'm gone, told me I got it all wrong, then why are you singing along, huh?
Tell me what you know about a kid who had a dream and went and did it
Man, it's funny, everybody living safe has gotta have an opinion
I don't say a thing, I go and get it, if it isn't real, I never said it
If it's up to God, that's where I'm headed, if it's up to God, that's where I'm headed, yeah
You don't get it, no one ever did, we been alone since we were little kids
Am I bitter from what we went through? Is it a lie to say a little bit?
I told my team: Let's go and get it, I told my girl: You don't gotta worry
I'm sick of making the same mistakes everyday that I gotta bury, yeah
Maybe I could be the one, who will I be when it's said and done?
Fighting to overcome, my fear is saying: You gotta run!
I put my pain inside a canvas, come, see a world that isn't as bright
The man inside the mirror is telling me: Ivan, you're losing your sight, yeah
Yeah, the bitter truth is the sweetest thing, they say: Be yourself, but don't chase a dream
Showed them my music and always they looked at me: Funny, you'll never be anything
Remember those moments, like: Maybe, I had it all wrong, put all my pain into so many songs
Looking back now and I realize I needed that hunger for me to be strong
Living a life, am I living a lie? Am I destined to fall, am I destined to fly?
Looking for answers, I feel 'em inside, giving what I got into these lines
Giving you all what I see in my mind, if I'm one in a million, I'm one of a kind
Looking for light, I'm not talking 'bout blinds, God is the one that I need on my side
Tell me where to go, tell me what I need, I'll tell you what I know, I'll show you what I bleed
I'm living just to grow, they're living for the greed, I never cared if they remembered me
This melody's always a remedy, but the hunger inside me is killing me
I need this right now more than anything, I need this right now more than anything
I tried to fit in with the music I made, second guessing the things that I drop
Looking back at my music a year ago, sounding like something I'm not, I'm leaving it all to rot
This another twist in the plot, underdog who's been sitting on top
Should have named my album sirens, you know everybody will cop, yeah
It feels like I'm running through mazes, how many pages I gotta write?
Tell me something real you get over night, if it's something real, you gotta fight, yeah
They said I couldn't do it, then I made a name, put me at the bottom, look what I became
Told me that it's over, guess I overcame
Whenever you're honest, it's never the same
Forgive me, forgive me
Forgive me, forgive me for my honesty

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