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Letra They Said - Ivan B

Letras de la Cancion They Said - Ivan B Lyrics, Canta con las Letras de tus Canciones Cristianas Favoritas del 2023; Musica de Alabanza & Adoracion Gratis.

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They Said - Ivan B Lyrics

Goodnight big moon, sweet dreams, baby
If I could have one wish tonight
It would be that you'll always keep
Keep the starlight in your eyes
One day you'll grow up, one day you'll walk out
In this big world on your own
And there'll be days when your heart will break and
You swear that all your strength is gone
Some days you're gonna love them
Some days you're gonna hate them
Like screaming out your lungs
I'm not exaggerating
Cause these days get cold and these nights get colder
Heart stay young while my mind gets older
But no matter what, keep the starlight in your eyes
That's the only way that you'll see your future being bright
This world get tough, yeah this world get rough
But soon you'll learn to love it and soon you won't get enough
So, live it every second, go the extra mile
Don't regret anything that made you smile
Trash what you know, do what you see
Facts are irrelevant to what you believe
Cause I'm doing just me, and I'm doing just fine
Getting better by the minute like I'm some fine wine
This is my time to shine
And I'm sending you this rhyme
That no matter what you do keep the starlight in your eyes like
Take a look where I came from
Now to what I came to
Million dollar dreams I've be feeding for the king suit
Everybody looking around what your name is
Deven to Coleman sitting in your playlist
Looking at the stage with the lights and the action
I’ve been going hard mixing mics with the passion
Literally killing that culprit I'm all sip
Put a couple dollars in the bank so I feel rich
Take a look in my fantasies, step in my shoes
Swerving my lane we be living so lavishly
Stop! Here’s a little taste of gravity
Started from the bottom where we graduated gradually
Now these woman hitting on my phone like your majesty
I ain’t even funny that’s the only shit I ever wanted
And I promised we just get it started

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La Música Cristiana es la música creada y ejecutada como expresión del cristianismo. Esa expresión abarca una gran diversidad de estilos musicales que contienen letras con Mensajes Bíblicos o que involucran diferentes tipos de oración (de adoración, de acción de gracias, de petición), y cuya motivación principal es la Fé Cristiana.

La Música Cristiana es de origen judío:​ la liturgia musical de la sinagoga, en particular el canto psalmódico de los judíos como unidad poética musical, fue un legado preciado transmitido del Israel antiguo al cristianismo primitivo,​ como forma de manifestar tanto a nivel personal como comunitario las creencias religiosas y la fe en Dios.

La definición y el objetivo de Música Cristiana varían en función de la denominación cristiana que la promueva. Se considera una herramienta útil, tanto para evangelizar al creyente, como para tratar aspectos de la vida que ha de llevar un cristiano.