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Letra Martyrs - Social Club Misfits

Letras de la Cancion Martyrs - Social Club Misfits Lyrics, Canta con las Letras de tus Canciones Cristianas Favoritas del 2021; Musica de Alabanza & Adoracion Gratis.

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Martyrs - Social Club Misfits Lyrics

[Hook: Martymar]
Losin' my life
I'll be going on my own
Leavin' everything I know
Losin' my life, losin' my life, losin' my life
I'll be going on my own
Losin' my life, losin' my life, losin' my life
[Verse 1: Martymar]
I just wanna know when it all come together, together
I just wanna why you couldn't find somebody better
Guess I'm the man for the job
And I wanna tell my family I love 'em, but I don't really see them enough
It's gettin' real crazy, I just wanna go back home
And my sister got engaged on Instagram and I didn't even know
I'm sick and tired of watchin' my entire family grow up in a phone
Her friend text me, "Where were you at? Yeah, we didn't even know"
And is this the life that I signed up for?
Is it worth it? Oh yeah, yeah, it's worth it
When they don't have to grow up like us, yeah, that's a blessin'
And I don't wanna see them go through hell when they could be in heaven, heaven
[Verse 2: F.E.R.N]
I'm in the skylight
I guess it's what my mean by the high life
Went to Vegas, didn't care about the nightlife
Killin' these shows and flyin' right back to my wife
Back on the ground, back on the grind
Song gotta write, I can't keep 'em inside
Songs that we're makin', not only for ratin'
Cause honestly my fam' can't eat your likes
What should I do? What should I say?
I asked the Father, He told me, "Keep writing"
Said, "Fern, in this life with this talent I gave you
You gon' lead many to me, that's a promise"
If we're being honest, I haven't been perfect
But Lord you always been there when I needed you
I been through hell and high water
Cause it's easy to let you down, but you love me through
You tell me I'm your son
How did I deserve such grace?
Me, I sold cocaine that would numb your brain to the point you say, "How much blow you take?"
Fern bruh, that's even enough with the drug talk
That's for those still stuck in the drug walk
Feelin' distant that to the world cut off
Here's a song just for you to help you go on

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La Música Cristiana es la música creada y ejecutada como expresión del cristianismo. Esa expresión abarca una gran diversidad de estilos musicales que contienen letras con Mensajes Bíblicos o que involucran diferentes tipos de oración (de adoración, de acción de gracias, de petición), y cuya motivación principal es la Fé Cristiana.

La Música Cristiana es de origen judío:​ la liturgia musical de la sinagoga, en particular el canto psalmódico de los judíos como unidad poética musical, fue un legado preciado transmitido del Israel antiguo al cristianismo primitivo,​ como forma de manifestar tanto a nivel personal como comunitario las creencias religiosas y la fe en Dios.

La definición y el objetivo de Música Cristiana varían en función de la denominación cristiana que la promueva. Se considera una herramienta útil, tanto para evangelizar al creyente, como para tratar aspectos de la vida que ha de llevar un cristiano.